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Flag Counter - Live Web Stats, free Website analytic, web statistics counter - web tracker, configurable hit counter and live detailed web stats tracking

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Live Web Stats provides the traffic of web pages and blogs, a variety of statistics and analytics to help webmasters analyse their traffic. Web Stats provides a wide range of choices on what to display on your Webpage or blog. It's quick and easy to join Web Stats with our 60 seconds sign-up.

1. Sign Up for your web statistics counter.

2. Insert the HTML code provided on your website or blog.

3. Start receiving visitors and analyzing your web stats!

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Countries Visitors
Your Basic statistics
Online visitors
Latest visitors
Hit Counter
Flag Counter
All the Above or any combination of the above (Horizontal or Vertical )
A Small image icon
A Configurable hit counter (Select the font style, colour , size, background colour)
Invisible Web Tracker
You can change the display on your page any time you wish, fast and easy. Here is a Web Statistics Gallery Images on how some of web stats users have configure their web stats counters.
Why do webmasters and bloggers have to track their visitors and keep watching their Web Statistics? Tracking the visitors is an essential part of any online business. Learn how many visitors you are getting and have the statistics tracking capability.

But, you want to know even more about your visitors and their behaviour, such as:

How many visitors come to your site?
How many visitors per day do you have?
Where do your visitors coming from?
From which page did they come?
What keywords did they search to find your site?
What pages did they view? How long did they stay?
How many visitors per week, per month?
Which search engines did your visitors use to find your webpage?

Web Statistics

All the above can be found in Live Web Stats. Register now . Here are the TOP visited web Sites using Web Stats.

The following are the basic web statistic graphs shown using hit counter Web Stats:

Top countries visitors, All countries visitors, visitors and Page views - Over time - per hour/day/week/month, etc.

Page Counts. The number of time a page was viewed Entry Pages: Pages that visitors enter your site on Exit Pages.

Online visitors, the last page a visitor viewed on your site Referrers

Latest visitors

Where your visitors came from such as Google, Yahoo, Msn or any other link, Search keywords and Phrases. Words used on the search engines to find your site. The sites that bring traffic to your web site (and how much traffic). The Browsers used by your visitors, their geographic locations (country and continent), your last referrers, your top visitors monitors colour, their screen resolution, Operating System e.t.c.

Make sure you sign up today for your web statistics counter and get all the advantages that web stats flag counter free download provides. Sign up now for Web Stats.

Hit Counter & Site Traffic Analysis

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Using Web Stats one can see his referrers and Search engine Phrases by looking at the Referrers and Search Phrases graphs, can see what people are actually looking for when they come across the site and what is there sequential visit on the webpage (very important report for web statistics). The strong and weak pages are revealed by Web Statistics and therefore the site can be improved.
This Web Statistics tool provides the option to display your Web stats to public. This option is initialy inactive. You need to login to you accout to activate. See how your web statistics will look like once activated: Public Website Statistics.

The control panel of web stats tool is very easy to use and provides many options (change the colours of the monitoring page), change user profile, e.t.c.

Website Stats

Web Stats can be shown in many different options of Hit Counter on your web site that you may select the way: a small icon, or a top counties visitors: a live statistical image for your web site that change every time a new visitor arrives, or the statistics of your web site of today, yesterday, last week, last month on a live image display. Get now your free Hit Counter & Free Site Traffic Analysis. Use the web statistics tool of Web SEO Masters and make use of the useful information the web stats provides and make your web site to top Google! Web Stats is the optimum tool for every webmaster and blogger.

You exhausted hours constructing a huge Web Site, be precise that you enclose the fundamental you require to generate the greatest site likely. Web Stats provides exact, up to date and Live Web Statistics Counter about your Site or Blog traffic according to the visitors of your site. Additional feature is online visitor stats.

Web Analytics

Web Analytics or Web Statistics is the most important part of SEO optimization. Web Stats produce for you the report of your web traffic results performance on the internet. As the final step, to guarantee that your optimization is accurate you need to monitor and report your SEO performance. The optimum tool to perform this procedure to your webpage so that you may check its accuracy is Live Web Stats, so that you can see the constant improvement of your rankings. Sign Up and get your Web Hit Counter in seconds. Furthermore the ranking reports will help you check easy the website on daily, weekly, and monthly routines to ensure website reliability and make sure that the webpage has not been dropped by any major search engines. Web statistics counter will improve your search engine position. You may need to revise your SEO strategy, or go on and continue to increase your traffic.Get Live Web Stats free for your webpage.

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As of 16-September 08, Web SEO Masters is online aiming to provide the tools and knowledge to Web Masters for building better, SEO friendly and human readble rich content web sites.


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